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Oak Flooring – How to choose the Best One

11 April 2015
Oak Flooring

Those who use a high aesthetic sense in addition to love natural environment look for oak flooring. Easy that you could care for also hassle free solid oak flooring and is long enduring and perfect for adequate any region of your own house. Because you may possibly match your individual oak floor color at the rest of your woodwork, windows, doors in addition to walls of your own personal house. For darker theme, …

Decorate Book is Now Available

8 May 2013

I first got to know Holly Becker many years ago when I found her website, decor8 and shared it here. We got chatting in the comments section and I wound up taking her Blogging Your Way Class and even writing a little bit on her site here and there. So thats my disclaimer before I recommend her book (co-written with Joanna Copestick), Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home. You …

Hallways And All The Other Overlook Places At Home

5 May 2013
Hallways And All The Other Overlook Places At Home

A large majority of people, when decorating, tend to push the best of their ideas and functionality principles on the matter, to be used on the large spaces inside the house. Usually the decorating focus goes to living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The people focus on making bathroom functional but simply tend to overlook the transition spaces like hallways and stairs. The hallway is nothing but the small, narrow space to which, in …

Bohemian Chic 2011 Trend – A Style Promising to Linger

4 May 2013
Bohemian Chic 2011 Trend

The bohemian chic style could be the most difficult to define. On one hand it is characterized by a certain kind of simplicity, but on the other hand the mixture and the combination of the elements used are also important. Just as in any other case the most important aspect is to use the right elements in the right places without making the room look overwhelming.   For example you have the possibility …

Summertime Blues in the Southern US

3 May 2013
Summertime Blues in the Southern US

Living in the south offers quite a few perks in terms of not having to shovel snow and endure treacherous winters. At least not very often anyway! However, there is one thing about living in the south that you can always count on and that is that you are always going to be in for a hot summer. For some people this is not that big of an issue as they have good …

Panscape Bakery

3 May 2013
Panscape Bakery

Ninkipen! designed the interior for this bakery shop in Osaka. Here is the project description: This is on the first floor of the building which have particular atmosphere after buildings around here was rebuilt. First of all, we tried to regain original expression by removing reformed aluminum sashes and setting the wooden sashes. Next, in the inside, we developed the antique showcase a boulanger keeping with love by putting on the log weighs …

Bathroom Redecorating and Remodeling Tips

2 May 2013

There are endless possibilities on the things that you can as you do bathroom redecorating and remodeling. Depending on your taste and budget, there are plenty of things that you can try as you come up with an overall design that would give you the beauty and functionality that you are looking for. Here are some tips that you could consider. First off, you might want to introduce color into your bathroom. The …

What To Know Before Choosing A Kitchen Designer?

1 May 2013

In case you want a new kitchen décor and you want to hire a specialist, there are few things you should consider before starting the work. The most important thing is to determine the desired style of your kitchen.   Take a look at the modern tendencies, when it comes to a kitchen décor and choose a few. Consider your budget well, because most of the designers are usually expensive, so go only …

Chic Bathroom Touched with Cheap Home Décor

25 April 2013

Are you looking for a big change in your bathroom but a small change in your pocket? In case you are on a low budget you should remember that sometimes the smallest changes could make all the difference. You don’t have to change everything about your bathroom to refresh it. Here are some ideas that for sure you will like.   First idea: paint job. This is one of the cheapest ways to …

Garage Conversion

24 April 2013

SHED Architecture & Design transformed a garage built in the 1920’s into a studio apartment in Seattle. Here is the project description: The project began with a 30 square meter single car garage, built in the 1920’s, that was in an advanced state of decay and in need of a new foundation. Local codes would have prevented replacing it with a new building and so the decision was made to rehabilitate it. The …

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