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Chic Bathroom Touched with Cheap Home Décor

Are you looking for a big change in your bathroom but a small change in your pocket? In case you are on a low budget you should remember that sometimes the smallest changes could make all the difference. You don’t have to change everything about your bathroom to refresh it. Here are some ideas that for sure you will like.



First idea: paint job. This is one of the cheapest ways to refresh an old bathroom. In case you already have the items needed, like trays and brushes, the whole makeover will be even cheaper. Once you are done with the work it is just natural that you won’t place the furniture and the elements the way they were before, and so you will add even more novelty to the same old room.

The hand towels can also change the overall look of the bathroom. Buy some new ones in bright colors. This is a fast and cheap way to brighten up the bathroom. In case you have some money left for this project, add some new facecloths and bath towels too in the same color or in a contrasting shade. As a finishing touch you could throw in a new bath mat, and the project is done.

The shower curtain is also an important element, but after a while they tend to get tattered and that is the moment to change it. Get a new one in a color that you think is suitable for the style of the bathroom and don’t forget to think about the rings also. Pick some colorful or sleek chrome ones.

Not only the decorative elements could be changed, but also the ones that you think are there for a life time, like the faucet. There are numerous different kinds of faucets to choose from and you can find their majority at low prices, beneath $100. They can be easily installed at home with the help of basic tools.

Accessories are also important in a bathroom. You could be thinking about a new toothbrush holder wastebasket or soap dish. The possibilities are that you have included the retro plastic ones that add color to the room or the sleek stainless steel ones. In case it is suitable for the style of the bathroom, you could also consider the Victorian style ones.  Wicker baskets and trays are also useful to expose rolled-up towels or other items that are needed around the bathroom.