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Bedding plants

15 April 2015
Bedding plants

Every gardener loves bedding plants because of the instant splash of colour they bring to the garden. Bedding plants are perfect for pots and planters, and are useful for filling in gaps where other plants are dying back or yet to mature. For rapid growth and an immediate visual impact bedding plants can not be beat. They are also great value for money. Growing bedding plants form seed The majority of bedding plants …

Whirlpool Spa ECO Bathtub

5 November 2014
Whirlpool Spa ECO Bathtub

The Whirlpool Spa ECO bathtub is another bathroom for the rich and famous, coming with a 15″ LCD TV that seems to be the new trend of luxury living these days. The bathtub comes with six adjustable jets, 14 MiniJets, 14 air jets, 4 headrests, a detachable apron, heater and chromotherapy. The 15″ LCD TV even comes with a remote control as well as an integrated FM radio. So with all those perks, …

The Devap Air Conditioner is Energy Efficient

6 May 2014
Devap Air Conditioner

For the people who want to beat the heat, air conditioners have been known to offer some serious issues as far as energy consumption is concerned. Alas, with the DEVap air conditioners, you can reportedly save up to 90% of energy consumption. The DEVap Air Conditioner avoids the refrigeration process powered by a compressor and instead uses high-efficiency pumps and fans, in addition to evaporative cooling. Well for regions which need the full …

Christmas lights

10 May 2013
Christmas lights

Lights are an essential part of the Christmas experience. Whether wrapped around trees or hung along eaves, there’s something about those strings of tiny, sparkling colours that makes Christmas special. To get the most from your Christmas lights this festive season, here are some tips to consider. Choosing the right type of Christmas light The big question when buying lights is which type of bulb you want: incandescent or LED? Incandescent bulbs are …

Artificial Christmas trees

9 May 2013

Should you get a real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree? There are benefits with both, but artificial Christmas trees have many advantages over the natural type. They are reusable, they don’t cover your carpet in needles, they’re less flammable, and they don’t bring mould, pollen, or pests into your house. An artificial Christmas tree is a long-term investment. A well-made, well-maintained tree can last up to 20 years, or more. So …

Blog of the week – A Small Holding

7 May 2013
Decor8 Book

A Small Holding follows the plant, vegetable and animal adventures of Mo and Steve, on their much loved plot that’s “bigger than an allotment, but smaller than a farm”. Their journey as smallholders in South Yorkshire is told with plenty of enthusiasm and good humour, despite the usual trials and tribulations. The chickens and pigs take pride of place as is demonstrated by their own dedicated pages on the blog. There’s a plentiful …

Fibre optic Christmas trees

4 May 2013
Fibre optic Christmas trees

Fibre optic Christmas trees are a clever, colourful and unique alternative to traditional Christmas tree lighting. Rather than having twinkling points of light, a fibre optic tree glows all over, filling the room with its illumination. Instead of regular needles, a fibre optic tree has needles of fine plastic or glass with a reflective coating. An LED light shines at the base of these fibres, and light is conducted through them to produce …

Ryan Giggs vs Garden Furniture

30 April 2013
Ryan Giggs

Many things may have gotten the better of Ryan Giggs recently, but his garden furniture certainly isn’t one of them. In this video, Ryan can be seen living out a childhood fantasy in his garden as he takes on – and unsurprisingly beats – his garden furniture in a fantasy World Cup final between Wales and England. A fantasy no doubt shared by many a Welsh person, but probably not as skilfully played …

Protect your garden furniture

29 April 2013
Protect your garden furniture

As winter approaches you should consider protecting your garden furniture from the destructive winter elements. If you leave your garden furniture exposed in the garden during winter it will rot and get damaged. Even if your tables and chairs are stored safely in the garden shed, there are some simple protective measures you should take. These precautions and tips will help ensure your furniture is fit for use next summer: • Cover your …

Chuck Norris house plants

27 April 2013

Some heroic house plants can survive and even thrive in conditions that would be fatal for most flowers. If you have the Chuck Norris touch with plants and kill everything in site, meet your match with these hardy house plants.

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