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Bohemian Chic 2011 Trend – A Style Promising to Linger

The bohemian chic style could be the most difficult to define. On one hand it is characterized by a certain kind of simplicity, but on the other hand the mixture and the combination of the elements used are also important. Just as in any other case the most important aspect is to use the right elements in the right places without making the room look overwhelming.

Bohemian Chic 2011 Trend


For example you have the possibility to use an arts and crafts dining table in the dining room, which is connected to the living room. Here you could put on display antique candlesticks and a vintage mirror. In case of this example you might get the impression that you necessarily need vintage or antique elements. This isn’t absolutely true. You can create this look using the most modern elements as well.

In many cases the color of the room has also a huge influence on the overall atmosphere. A grey room could be filled with warmth in case the lamps are yellow and there are some other elements that transmit this feeling, like a brown sofa or coffee table.

There is no need for a lot of accessories to make the room chic. Even more, in many cases the lack of accessories will determine the personality of the space, although at first the place may seem empty. This is why this kind of style might not be the most suitable one for those who like to have many items around them.


The bohemian feel could be given by the smallest of details. For example in case of a dining room it can be the dishware that adds personality. In such cases you should forget about the simple white dishware and go with the more colorful ones, which also add some vibe to the room and bring it to life.

The style itself needs a mixture of design classics, vintage elements and contemporary art. The bohemian style also needs some unusual elements, such as elements from the nature. In some cases you can place tree trunks in the house but in others you can consider bohemian the presence of an indoor fountain.

Such an element may seem a little out of place, but somehow it seems to be right for the setting, and this is what the bohemian chic style is all about: simplicity combined with elegance, style and elaborate elements.

The only apparent drawback of the style is that it isn’t the warmest in some cases and this is why people think that it isn’t suitable for the families with children.