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Bedding plants

15 April 2015
Bedding plants

Every gardener loves bedding plants because of the instant splash of colour they bring to the garden. Bedding plants are perfect for pots and planters, and are useful for filling in gaps where other plants are dying back or yet to mature. For rapid growth and an immediate visual impact bedding plants can not be beat. They are also great value for money. Growing bedding plants form seed The majority of bedding plants …

Oak Flooring – How to choose the Best One

11 April 2015
Oak Flooring

Those who use a high aesthetic sense in addition to love natural environment look for oak flooring. Easy that you could care for also hassle free solid oak flooring and is long enduring and perfect for adequate any region of your own house. Because you may possibly match your individual oak floor color at the rest of your woodwork, windows, doors in addition to walls of your own personal house. For darker theme, …

Wooden Beach House Design

7 March 2015

This house is a result of story cabin remodeling designed by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects in Vashon Island, Washington, USA. Vashon is a census-designated place (CDP)which covers an island alternately called Vashon Island or Vashon-Maury Island, the largest island in Puget Sound south of Admiralty Inlet. Some additional floor area is needed to recognize. The idea developed to insert a wood box resting on the existing floor and cantilever over the existing basement …

Whirlpool Spa ECO Bathtub

5 November 2014
Whirlpool Spa ECO Bathtub

The Whirlpool Spa ECO bathtub is another bathroom for the rich and famous, coming with a 15″ LCD TV that seems to be the new trend of luxury living these days. The bathtub comes with six adjustable jets, 14 MiniJets, 14 air jets, 4 headrests, a detachable apron, heater and chromotherapy. The 15″ LCD TV even comes with a remote control as well as an integrated FM radio. So with all those perks, …

Get an Estimate for Your Window Replacements Online

11 May 2014
Window Replacements Online

If you do not want to pay a contractor to replace and fix your window and want to do it yourself, you can. But it is difficult to look for a window that fits and it might be expensive as well when you have to purchase the windows from the contractors. So, you can look for your window panes online to get an estimate for it. It will definitely save you time, money …

The exquisite book: live drawing event @ rare device

9 May 2014
The exquisite book

well, doesn’t this just sound exquisite?! san francisco’s rare device is hosting a book signing + live drawing event for the Exquisite Book tonight, Thursday, October 14th from 7 to 9pm. and, if you can’t be here tonight, you can buy the book online at rare device.   rare device will have a table set up where artists from the book will be participating in a live drawing session, and will also be …

The Devap Air Conditioner is Energy Efficient

6 May 2014
Devap Air Conditioner

For the people who want to beat the heat, air conditioners have been known to offer some serious issues as far as energy consumption is concerned. Alas, with the DEVap air conditioners, you can reportedly save up to 90% of energy consumption. The DEVap Air Conditioner avoids the refrigeration process powered by a compressor and instead uses high-efficiency pumps and fans, in addition to evaporative cooling. Well for regions which need the full …

Things To Know About Aluminum Windows

10 February 2014
Aluminum Windows

How much do you know about windows in general? How much do you know about aluminum windows? The reason why I ask this is because most people don’t know all that much about windows and even less about aluminum windows and that is why I want to help you understand a little bit about them. What you need to first understand is that aluminum windows are built a lot stronger than any other …

Christmas lights

10 May 2013
Christmas lights

Lights are an essential part of the Christmas experience. Whether wrapped around trees or hung along eaves, there’s something about those strings of tiny, sparkling colours that makes Christmas special. To get the most from your Christmas lights this festive season, here are some tips to consider. Choosing the right type of Christmas light The big question when buying lights is which type of bulb you want: incandescent or LED? Incandescent bulbs are …

Luxury RV Mobile Home Design Hits The Road by A-cero Architecture Studio

9 May 2013
RV Mobile Home

I’m sure that A-cero architecture isn’t strange to your ears. It’s the Spanish architecture firm which is well known for designing such stunning, luxurious sleek homes. They’re a good designer all around for contemporary house design and a modern design as we’re all agreed with that, but what would happen if A-cero hit the road? The result is this amazing house wheel or called Mobile Home. The luxury is on the road and …

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