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Hallways And All The Other Overlook Places At Home

A large majority of people, when decorating, tend to push the best of their ideas and functionality principles on the matter, to be used on the large spaces inside the house.


Usually the decorating focus goes to living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The people focus on making bathroom functional but simply tend to overlook the transition spaces like hallways and stairs.

The hallway is nothing but the small, narrow space to which, in many cases we cannot attribute a specific function, other than the place where you take off your shoes or hang your rain coat and umbrella when you enter the house.

What if this place could have a slightly different and more focused purpose?

All you need to do is think of it the way you do for all the other rooms of the house.

If “pretty” is the word you are using to define your home décor, focus on transferring it to the hallway. Add a mirror on one wall, preferably the left for it will increase the sensation of space. On the opposite wall hang a spectacular painting, or delicate framed embroidery, the type of gobelins which will for sure draw the attention of the person passing through.

If the hallway is short and narrow use large painting patterns, alternate hues and use spectacular lighting which will underline your details.

If you target in decoration is functionality consider adding concealed horizontal or vertical storage places along the hallway walls.

A vertical storage place can harbor a cabinet for the many things you would like to have at hand but you don’t know where to put them, or simply be used as a serving bar when such bar is posted in the hallway area near the living room.

The horizontal storage place can have a cushion, sofa like, bench on top while under it a box type storage place used for depositing extra blankets and bed wear you can store there to be used when unexpected guest arrive.

Of course such storage places can be used for anything you like and having them will sure add to the functionality of the house.

The stairs of the house can harbor a nook with cushions on top and a wood crate under them also used for storage. As beauty is concerned it is a very good idea to beautify your stairs with flower pots.

Simply take a breath and see these places as an integrated part of your home décor and the ideas of how to decorate them will not be late to appear.