Protect your garden furniture

As winter approaches you should consider protecting your garden furniture from the destructive winter elements.

If you leave your garden furniture exposed in the garden during winter it will rot and get damaged.
Even if your tables and chairs are stored safely in the garden shed, there are some simple protective measures you should take.

Protect your garden furniture

These precautions and tips will help ensure your furniture is fit for use next summer:
• Cover your furniture – garden furniture covers come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find a cover to fit all furniture items.

• Find a cover that fits – rather than covering all your furniture with one large tarpaulin, get a bespoke cover to fit individual items of garden furniture. This way the cover is more likely to fit and stay on your furniture in all weathers.

• Secure your covers – check that your furniture covers have eyelets or some way of fastening the cover so that the wind does not blow the cover off.

• Keep furniture sheltered – even with a garden furniture cover on, it is wise to move your garden furniture to a sheltered area of the garden.

• Secure your furniture – if your furniture is left in an exposed area strong winds may blow your furniture over which can cause damage.

• Store on a solid surface – rather than leave your furniture on the lawn move it to a patio or decking if possible. This will reduce your furniture’s exposure to moisture.

• Garden furniture treatment – even if your furniture is stored in the garage you should treat wooden garden furniture. Garden furniture oil will prevent insects from eating the wood and provide protection from the elements.

By applying these tips you can extend the life of your garden furniture and save some money. So don’t forget to protect your furniture this winter.