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Systemic Casa Finger Joint Wood Clad House by LAND Architects

21 April 2013
Systemic Casa Finger

The architect firm has found a degraded agricultural site and out of this site the architect plans to take the most out of the natural environment. They wanted to create through a new landscape architecture and immediate areas within the site, through architecture and its interaction with the field itself. For this they have successfully apply a simple strategy called finger joint. Finger Joint is a joint concept where it is joining by …

Relocation supplies

16 April 2013
Relocation supplies

Each and every year, there are millions of people all over the world are planning to relocate to a different location other than where the currently live. The reasons for these moves could be due to a job change, going to school or simply moving to a larger or smaller house. No matter what reason that anyone chooses or needs to plan for a relocation you need to look into getting relocation supplies …

UPPERCASE in san francisco

15 April 2013
San francisco

Oh hey, if you’re in san francisco tonight, be sure and stop by the curiosity shoppe! especially if you’re fans of UPPERCASE magazine. the curiosity shoppe is hosting a very special meet and greet with the creative folks behind UPPERCASE on Wednesday, August 4th from 5-8pm. i’ve been contributing artist interviews to Uppercase for a while now, but never met janine or her team, so i’m pretty excited to have this opportunity! and …

Three Story House Plans by Architekt DI Johann Lettner

12 April 2013

The real estate adage is true – location is everything! And Architekt DI Johann Lettner really took advantage of these stunning surroundings when he designed this three story house plan. The sun-soaked rooftop patio offers a view for this swimming pool house, where the pool works its way through the first volume, across the open space and to the second volume. And underground offers a whole other level of living space which is …

Sliding Doors in your Home

12 April 2013

There are many different things that people will notice about your home at first glance. Perhaps the very first thing that may people notice is the doors and windows of your home. In addition to visitors and passer-bys there are also other people who you may want to be wary about when it comes to their opinion of your home. If you are in the possession of a property that you are hoping …

Replacement storm windows

8 April 2013

Everybody has to replace windows from time to time because you may get older they start letting cold air into the house. Everybody also last replaced are among those because they get broke or they just do not stop what they need to. If you’re looking for replacement storm windows there are many things that you have to consider in order to get the right window and so that you do not spend …

Polyhedron Habitable Mini Crib in Bogota Colombia by Manuel Villa

8 April 2013

Apparently I’m looking for a mini home plan but I ended up seeing this tiny relaxation space from Colombian architect Manuel Villa. The Colombian architecture created this mini crib in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia and the name of this small getaway mini house is Polyhedron Habitable. It’s so small that it looks like a miniature of a house. The architects stated: “The outcome is a Regular Polyhedron –a “Truncated Cubic-octahedron”– transformed …

Kitchen cabinets

7 April 2013

When you decide to start remodeling your home one thing you have to think about is kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes as well as many different styles and colors so you do have a wide variety choose from. You also have a wide variety to choose the manufacturer because there are so many different if kitchen cabinet companies that you can order your kitchen cabinets from in …

Galvanized Metal Cladding House Built on Budget

5 April 2013

This galvanized metal cladding house built on a budget proves that you can have your cake and eat it too. Designed by Substance Architecture, this humble home was built for an Iowa family looking to downsize on this four-acre pastoral property. The structure – a simple galvanized metal tube reminiscent of agricultural structures – captures views of a pond at one end and a meadow at the other. The home’s shape serves up …

The Ecotypic Bed

4 April 2013

Called a “Green Bed”, this is one bed for the eco-friendly seekers. The Ecotypic bed comes with LED reading lights along with speakers to ensure that people will be woken up sensibly and in style. It features a flower box for lovely vines while LED lighting also aids in making them grow.  The bed comes with a battery which turns the activities you do on the bed and around the bed into energy. …

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