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Systemic Casa Finger Joint Wood Clad House by LAND Architects

21 April 2013

The architect firm has found a degraded agricultural site and out of this site the architect plans to take the most out of the natural environment. They wanted to create through a new landscape architecture and immediate areas within the site, through architecture and its interaction with the field itself. For this they have successfully apply a simple strategy called finger joint.

Systemic Casa Finger

Finger Joint is a joint concept where it is joining by using artificial structure. The arrangement of interlocking volumes from the finger joint with the terrain is shaping a new landscape. “Landscape” becomes active, as these green spaces are provided for ventilation and lower the indoor temperature. It also protects the wood from the strongest sun exposure towards the house using trees as a shade, where weathering can causes premature aging.

The landscape also becomes systematically useful. The separation of volume creates “empty” spaces, which provide different direction in each house. The interior space contained by the central nave, projecting into the courtyard surrounding it, extending toward nature. The home courtyard heads are oriented towards the main view to the hills and vineyards. Once again it’s a nice architectural home designed by LAND Architects.

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