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Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas is all about fun, food and family, but creating the right atmosphere can sometimes be tricky.

Create the perfect festive feeling with these handy hints and tips for your Christmas decorations:

Plan your decorations early

Christmas is a hectic time of year, and planning your decorations can often plummet on your list of priorities. But leaving your Christmas make-over to the last minute can lead to a chaotic confusion of colours. So it’s well worth putting some thought into your decoration early on, before the shops start selling out of the essentials.

Keep your decorations simple

As with any decoration, simplicity is a word that should always be at the fore-front of your mind. Sticking with two or three main colours helps to give a sophisticated look, and these colours should be chosen to compliment the room you are decorating.

Choose a theme to suit your home

In a traditional home, especially one with an open fire, you will often find that deep reds, greens and golds help to emphasise the room and add a feeling of warmth on those cold winter nights. These can be teamed with other traditional decorations, such as wreaths and candle arches, to help emphasise that traditional festive theme.

Lighting is also a key element in helping to recreate that Christmas atmosphere. Aim for soft lighting at different levels throughout the room, and try to avoid harsh overhead lighting.

In highly modern rooms you might want to try something a little more adventurous. Lighter, airy rooms provide the perfect background to more unusual colours, such as blues and pinks. Shiny baubles and tinsel often make a great feature, as they reflect the glow from your candles and lights.

Make your decorations fun for the children

Christmas is primarily centred around the children, so it is great to incorporate interesting and exciting treats for them when planning your decorations.

If you’re feeling brave then get the kids to help with the decorating. They will love hanging garlands on the Christmas tree and finding homes for all your Christmas ornaments.

Fibre-optic trees are often a great idea for kids playrooms or bedrooms, as the funky, brightly coloured lights offer a fun alternative to more traditional trees.

Share the Christmas spirit with outdoor decorations

Christmas decorations are not limited to inside the home. Illuminate your garden with radiant reindeers and sparkling Santas, sharing the festive spirit with your neighbours.

For a more traditional outdoor decoration; a Christmas wreath provides the perfect welcome for your guests during the festive season.

Don’t be a scrooge, get into the festive spirit early and make this years Christmas decorations the best ever.