Apartment in Barcelona

Arquitectura-G renovated a 160 square meter apartment in Barcelona, creating new and unique spaces.

Here is the project description:

The original condition of the apartment had a linked room layout, with rooms connected to each other by double leaf doors. These rooms were also related to a service corridor which split the circulation into two. The generous passage between pieces let link them programmatically, allowing multiply the dimension of a single room or even reaching an absolute permeability. On the other hand, diverse levels of division and intimacy where possible locking the doors depending on the needs.

We placed the kitchen at the entrance, instead of the original useless hall. Thus, we have an encounter point accessible both from the exterior and the contiguous rooms. On the other side, the new bathroom appropriates the original service corridor, increasing its size so we can understand it as a huge interchangeable toilette area where we have two complete bathrooms.

We insisted on removing the corridor by rotating an existing partition and covering it with a floor to ceiling mirror. It provided the coming up of programmatically ambiguous areas and it improved the visual permeability allowing diagonals that break the orthogonality of the plan.

Via MoCo Loco