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How to Make Your Bedroom Sparkle?

3 April 2013

The bedroom is the only room in your home where you feel relaxed and calm. The bedroom isn’t only a place for sleeping; it gives you most of the things you need to start a new day – relaxation, peace and comfort. In case you feel that your bedroom is too small and doesn’t have the spark you desire, here are few new ideas for decorating and organizing the space in your small …

Organic Chocolate Cupcakes by i Love Cakes of Derby

2 April 2013

Victoria Jacobs mentions on her website that she decided to create i Love Cakes because of her passion for baking and “a desire to create beautiful cakes that satisfy both the eye and the taste buds”. Well judging by the fabulous pics of cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods on her site, we think she’s fulfilled her mission statement. She also mentions that she only uses locally sourced ingredients, fair trade sugar and …

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