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Decorating a Small Kitchen – Use More Creativity than Money

18 April 2013

Do you have a small kitchen and also a small budget? This shouldn’t stop you from thinking about big changes. There is a lot you could do with little money and a lot of creativity. One of the basic rules to keep in mind is to recycle. You can use the old items, but find them a new place or a new purpose. Start with making more space for yourself. This is easy …

ABC 123 Furniture made of Building Blocks

17 April 2013

Parents will love these new kids furniture line built from blocks, something kids are surely familiar with. They are the ABC 123 Furniture line, made entirely of building blocks that are normally expected to deliver educational means of honing up the minds of kids while rendering some fun as well. With the bright colors and designs, kids are bound to love these eco-friendly blocks which come close to LEGO-inspired furnishings. The modern chair …

Add a 2011 Trendy Air to Your Fresh French Dining Room

16 April 2013

You don’t have to settle for less when it comes to your home, and there are so many things to change, that the options are infinite. In case you have a formal dining room, sometimes it is enough to make a little change to achieve big results. One way to transform a formal dining room into a non-formal one is to change the furniture. Choose some eclectic pieces of furniture that don’t necessarily …

Relocation supplies

16 April 2013
Relocation supplies

Each and every year, there are millions of people all over the world are planning to relocate to a different location other than where the currently live. The reasons for these moves could be due to a job change, going to school or simply moving to a larger or smaller house. No matter what reason that anyone chooses or needs to plan for a relocation you need to look into getting relocation supplies …

Wallpaper Scraps for a Lovely DIY Touch

15 April 2013
Wallpaper Scraps

The wallpaper goes to the wall, right? Well, not necessarily. In case you have a bit more imagination you could bring your home to life with a bit of wallpaper added here and there. You might have never thought about this, but wallpaper could be used as a table topper. All you have to do is to paint the table with two coats of metallic paint. Once these layers have dried, apply a …

UPPERCASE in san francisco

15 April 2013
San francisco

Oh hey, if you’re in san francisco tonight, be sure and stop by the curiosity shoppe! especially if you’re fans of UPPERCASE magazine. the curiosity shoppe is hosting a very special meet and greet with the creative folks behind UPPERCASE on Wednesday, August 4th from 5-8pm. i’ve been contributing artist interviews to Uppercase for a while now, but never met janine or her team, so i’m pretty excited to have this opportunity! and …

Roof Top Office

14 April 2013
Roof Top Office

dagli + atélier d’architecture designed the extension of the company headquarters of Sanichaufer, one of the biggest Luxemburg-based firms in building services engineering, as a showroom displaying the most modern building technologies. Here is the project description: Principle of the different shapes The construction laws demand the adaptation of the roof type of the adjacent building on a sixth of the façade width. However, the client wanted a cubic extension with a flat …

Key Decorating Elements Able to Fit Any Trend

14 April 2013
Decorating Elements

Redecorating a room is always a fun activity, but it might be quite annoying when you think that you are finished, and you realize that there is something missing. In this season there are numerous trendy items that are decorative and useful in the same time. If this is your case, you could be looking for an armoire. The advantage of this item is double: it offers a nice visual element to the …

Dobbies gardening sale

13 April 2013
Dobbies garden centre

The Dobbies gardening sale is your chance to purchase some online garden bargains. Dobbies have cut prices on a whole range of items including garden furniture, barbecues and pet care. So browse through our online garden centre, make your choices and take advantage of the Dobbies sale.   Garden furniture sale There are huge savings to be had on a fantastic range in Dobbies garden furniture sale. Save money and upgrade your garden …

Bathroom Vanity Trends 2011

13 April 2013
bathroom vaniety

In case you haven’t decorated your bathroom, this is the right moment to do it. The trends for the bathrooms are very daring, lavish and stylish. In case you are going to change the décor in your bathroom, here are the most modern bathroom decors of the year. If you are a green lover, the eco friendly design idea may be the one for you. Start with the materials. Go for natural wood …

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