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Best rated house windows

26 April 2013
Best house windows

If you’re looking to replace windows in your house are many things they need take under consideration before you do. Many window manufacturing companies take the time to test out each window before they put it up on the market for sale. If you’re looking for the best quality of home replacement window that you can there are some things that you need to look at before you go ahead and purchase these …

Festival wellies – the new renewable energy source

25 April 2013
the new renewable energy source

Charge your mobile phone with your wellies, using heat from your feet. These prototype thermoelectric wellies have been unveiled by Orange, as a way for festival goers and farmers to keep in touch with friends and family.   The Orange Power Wellies were created in conjunction with renewable energy experts at GotWind. They work by using a ‘power generating sole’ inside the welly that transforms the heat from your feet into electrical current. …

Chic Bathroom Touched with Cheap Home Décor

25 April 2013

Are you looking for a big change in your bathroom but a small change in your pocket? In case you are on a low budget you should remember that sometimes the smallest changes could make all the difference. You don’t have to change everything about your bathroom to refresh it. Here are some ideas that for sure you will like.   First idea: paint job. This is one of the cheapest ways to …

Garage Conversion

24 April 2013

SHED Architecture & Design transformed a garage built in the 1920’s into a studio apartment in Seattle. Here is the project description: The project began with a 30 square meter single car garage, built in the 1920’s, that was in an advanced state of decay and in need of a new foundation. Local codes would have prevented replacing it with a new building and so the decision was made to rehabilitate it. The …

Inspiration Monday: Julianne Moore’s Hair

23 April 2013
Julianne Moore’s Hair

So I finally got around to watching Tom Ford’s A Single Man last night. I know, I am a year overdue on this, and there was a Netflix queue mistake that involved another movie called A Serious Maninvolved. This was worth the wait; I cannot believe I did not see it sooner. The sets are absolute perfection. The movie takes place in L.A. in 1962 (that makes it about two years behind the …

Remodel Old Farm House by Propeller Z in Austria

22 April 2013

Propeller Z have been commissioned to remodel 200 years old farm house located in Fahndorf, Austria. The owner want to transform the old house into contemporary design. The result as you see below, a beautiful modern farm house with large glass window in gorgeous natural landscape. Propeller Z has successfully added a new contemporary addition which becomes sort of transition between the old past time and the new architectural age. The old house …

Systemic Casa Finger Joint Wood Clad House by LAND Architects

21 April 2013
Systemic Casa Finger

The architect firm has found a degraded agricultural site and out of this site the architect plans to take the most out of the natural environment. They wanted to create through a new landscape architecture and immediate areas within the site, through architecture and its interaction with the field itself. For this they have successfully apply a simple strategy called finger joint. Finger Joint is a joint concept where it is joining by …

Nature Factory

20 April 2013
nature factory

Suppose Design Office designed a new attractive scenery with plumbing and fashion items to show that such primarily functional things actually are more diverse and also have higher value. The complex plumbing, trailing by the wall in all directions, covers all over the space. It is like a tree grown over a long time. An atmosphere like a natural arbor is created in the space covered with artificial plumbing.

Details Can Make a Difference in Home Design

19 April 2013

In case you are going to decorate your home, but you are on a budget, here are few ideas that may help you to change your home design without spending a fortune. The first and the most important thing to do is to decide about the details in your home. Even one detail can make a difference into your home décor. All you need to do is to find the right detail and …

More Detroit Developments

19 April 2013
Detroit Developments

Am I boring you with my current fascination with Detroit? I just think it’s going to be such an interesting city to follow, and I’ve been soaking in every article I come across about what people are doing to redesign it and help its recovery. The latest article I read was in The New York Times this week, and it chronicled what a community of artists are doing to help the city, including …

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