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The Ecotypic Bed

3 May 2013

Called a “Green Bed”, this is one bed for the eco-friendly seekers. The Ecotypic bed comes with LED reading lights along with speakers to ensure that people will be woken up sensibly and in style. It features a flower box for lovely vines while LED lighting also aids in making them grow. The bed comes with a battery which turns the activities you do on the bed and around the bed into energy. …

Panscape Bakery

3 May 2013
Panscape Bakery

Ninkipen! designed the interior for this bakery shop in Osaka. Here is the project description: This is on the first floor of the building which have particular atmosphere after buildings around here was rebuilt. First of all, we tried to regain original expression by removing reformed aluminum sashes and setting the wooden sashes. Next, in the inside, we developed the antique showcase a boulanger keeping with love by putting on the log weighs …

Vinyl Siding Myths Unraveled

2 May 2013

Even though vinyl siding is one of the most popular types of property siding available on the market, there are still a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding the use of vinyl siding. In this article, we are going to unravel those myths and learn the true facts about vinyl siding. Let’s get started, shall we? A lot of homeowners choose to use vinyl siding because of the tons of benefits offered by …

Bathroom Redecorating and Remodeling Tips

2 May 2013

There are endless possibilities on the things that you can as you do bathroom redecorating and remodeling. Depending on your taste and budget, there are plenty of things that you can try as you come up with an overall design that would give you the beauty and functionality that you are looking for. Here are some tips that you could consider. First off, you might want to introduce color into your bathroom. The …

What To Know Before Choosing A Kitchen Designer?

1 May 2013

In case you want a new kitchen décor and you want to hire a specialist, there are few things you should consider before starting the work. The most important thing is to determine the desired style of your kitchen.   Take a look at the modern tendencies, when it comes to a kitchen décor and choose a few. Consider your budget well, because most of the designers are usually expensive, so go only …

Super Minimalist Home Design and Eco Friendly Living by Andrea Olivia

1 May 2013

Master minded by Andrea Olivia from Cittaarchitettura, this Italian home architecture is what we call the simplest “modern minimalist”. The landscape is flat and the contemporary house design simple through and through with a nice simple rectangular shape. The home architecture has flat roofline and neutral white grey palette wall which makes it really stands out against the natural backdrop. Concrete and plaster front porch is the two main elements that define this …

Ryan Giggs vs Garden Furniture

30 April 2013
Ryan Giggs

Many things may have gotten the better of Ryan Giggs recently, but his garden furniture certainly isn’t one of them. In this video, Ryan can be seen living out a childhood fantasy in his garden as he takes on – and unsurprisingly beats – his garden furniture in a fantasy World Cup final between Wales and England. A fantasy no doubt shared by many a Welsh person, but probably not as skilfully played …

Protect your garden furniture

29 April 2013
Protect your garden furniture

As winter approaches you should consider protecting your garden furniture from the destructive winter elements. If you leave your garden furniture exposed in the garden during winter it will rot and get damaged. Even if your tables and chairs are stored safely in the garden shed, there are some simple protective measures you should take. These precautions and tips will help ensure your furniture is fit for use next summer: • Cover your …

I love Lucy

28 April 2013
I love Lucy

The other day, marisa from creative thursday asked if would be all right to paint miss lucy. all right? i was thrilled! and look how cute she is! thank you marisa! and lucy says woof! for more of marisas work, visit creative thursday and her etsy shop where shes having a one day sale today!

Chuck Norris house plants

27 April 2013

Some heroic house plants can survive and even thrive in conditions that would be fatal for most flowers. If you have the Chuck Norris touch with plants and kill everything in site, meet your match with these hardy house plants.

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