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Artificial Christmas trees

9 May 2013

Should you get a real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree? There are benefits with both, but artificial Christmas trees have many advantages over the natural type. They are reusable, they don’t cover your carpet in needles, they’re less flammable, and they don’t bring mould, pollen, or pests into your house. An artificial Christmas tree is a long-term investment. A well-made, well-maintained tree can last up to 20 years, or more. So …

Decorate Book is Now Available

8 May 2013

I first got to know Holly Becker many years ago when I found her website, decor8 and shared it here. We got chatting in the comments section and I wound up taking her Blogging Your Way Class and even writing a little bit on her site here and there. So thats my disclaimer before I recommend her book (co-written with Joanna Copestick), Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home. You …

Blog of the week – A Small Holding

7 May 2013
Decor8 Book

A Small Holding follows the plant, vegetable and animal adventures of Mo and Steve, on their much loved plot that’s “bigger than an allotment, but smaller than a farm”. Their journey as smallholders in South Yorkshire is told with plenty of enthusiasm and good humour, despite the usual trials and tribulations. The chickens and pigs take pride of place as is demonstrated by their own dedicated pages on the blog. There’s a plentiful …

Radius House, A Natural House Design by Dwyer Design

6 May 2013
Radius House

Vivian Dwyer of Dwyer Design has a tremendous wonderful timber house of all time. It is a wonderful wood wonder with nature in almost every turn and twist. The house is originally built in 1960 by Daniel Liebermann where the apprentice with the Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West. The sweet timber home design occupies 1000 square feet. The Radius house here was redesigned by Dwyer with the goal of inserting modern elements …

Hallways And All The Other Overlook Places At Home

5 May 2013
Hallways And All The Other Overlook Places At Home

A large majority of people, when decorating, tend to push the best of their ideas and functionality principles on the matter, to be used on the large spaces inside the house. Usually the decorating focus goes to living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The people focus on making bathroom functional but simply tend to overlook the transition spaces like hallways and stairs. The hallway is nothing but the small, narrow space to which, in …

The commission project

5 May 2013
The Commission Project

Just in time for holiday gift ideas, san francisco-based artist paul ferney has an awesome project going on. the commission project — you send paul a photo of your most beloved and he’ll paint you your masterpiece! what a unique gift, don’t you think? paul painted this adorable portrait of lucy, and i really love these shoes, too!   for more details, visit the commission project. there’s only 100 commissions available until november …

Fibre optic Christmas trees

4 May 2013
Fibre optic Christmas trees

Fibre optic Christmas trees are a clever, colourful and unique alternative to traditional Christmas tree lighting. Rather than having twinkling points of light, a fibre optic tree glows all over, filling the room with its illumination. Instead of regular needles, a fibre optic tree has needles of fine plastic or glass with a reflective coating. An LED light shines at the base of these fibres, and light is conducted through them to produce …

Pass me that plate, pretty please

4 May 2013
pretty plate

I am already a big fan of Leslie Oschmann of Swarms painting canvas bags, and home furnishings. but now leslie and the Amsterdam-based design-duo Little Owl, have created these gorgeous plate sets, called the Altered Perspectives series, available through anthropologie. each set contains a various number of plates, and each set is one of a kind. A vintage portrait, painted on canvas, is layered atop traditional blue and white transferware, resulting in a …

Bohemian Chic 2011 Trend – A Style Promising to Linger

4 May 2013
Bohemian Chic 2011 Trend

The bohemian chic style could be the most difficult to define. On one hand it is characterized by a certain kind of simplicity, but on the other hand the mixture and the combination of the elements used are also important. Just as in any other case the most important aspect is to use the right elements in the right places without making the room look overwhelming.   For example you have the possibility …

Summertime Blues in the Southern US

3 May 2013
Summertime Blues in the Southern US

Living in the south offers quite a few perks in terms of not having to shovel snow and endure treacherous winters. At least not very often anyway! However, there is one thing about living in the south that you can always count on and that is that you are always going to be in for a hot summer. For some people this is not that big of an issue as they have good …

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