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Inspiration Monday: Julianne Moore’s Hair

23 April 2013

Julianne Moore’s Hair

So I finally got around to watching Tom Ford’s A Single Man last night. I know, I am a year overdue on this, and there was a Netflix queue mistake that involved another movie called A Serious Maninvolved. This was worth the wait; I cannot believe I did not see it sooner. The sets are absolute perfection.

The movie takes place in L.A. in 1962 (that makes it about two years behind the current season of Mad Men – I think I am completely stuck on Sixties period sets right now). From the college classrooms where smoking is permitted to the bank safe deposit room, each set is stunning. I loved the contrast between Colin Firth’s Mid-Century Modern glass house and Julianne Moore’s Hollywood Regency house a few doors down. As set after set blew my mind, the most brilliant one was Julianne Moore’s living room. Obviously, this room was planned around her hair. I’m not even kidding. It had to be. Every single shade from root to tip was represented and complimented in this lush regency room. Not since The Royal Tennenbaums have I seen such obsessive-compulsive attention to detail, or attention to matching hair to wardrobe and sets. Enough jibber jabber, let me go take some pictures of my telly screen and share with you…

The pillows, the shag carpet, oh, and their black and white costumes make them stand out against the palette in the living room and not be swallowed up by all of the shades of oranges, gold, ambers and apricots –  there is one black and white painting in there that plays off them. It’s just so brilliant I can’t even stand it. Bravo!

I’ll try to insert the gallery below, I’m also wild over her Chinoiserie dressing area and ikat headboard, turquoise rotary phone and nightstand lamps.

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