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Bring Fall Into Your Lovely Home

13 April 2013

TweetShare Autumn is right around the corner and the beautiful colors of autumn should definitely find a place in your home décor. Here are a few aesthetic ways of bringing the nature into your home and making it look lovely. Sandy tones meet mild yellow. To some this may sound like a dull combination of colors, but clean furniture lines and the right accents in warm tones will bring life to your living …

Plastic House

11 April 2013

Architecture Republic designed the interior of this unique house inserting a cruciform object made of polycarbonate and steel. Here is the project description: The project begins with removal,­ of the existing extension, internal walls and earth, bringing the entire house to lower ground-floor level. This opens the volume of the house as a double-height vessel, full of light. A cruciform object is inserted; a piece of architectural furniture which spreads tree-­like from a …

Firma Office

11 April 2013

This office of the architectural design studio Firma is situated in a converted apartment of an early 20th century building in Sarajevo. The studio’s interior of 65 square meters comprises of two rooms an enfilade, and a small kitchen and toilette. The principal design objectives were based on the idea to create a bright and “optimistic” space, by employing white, reflective surfaces and mirrors, which both amplify natural lighting, and visually expand relatively …

Nursery Decor For A Comforting And Peaceful Environment

10 April 2013

TweetShare People see home decoration very similar to an entertaining but expensive game. Baby rooms are certainly a challenge since the decoration needs to be both beautiful and not quite permanent because the baby will soon outgrow it. This is why a mother has to consider certain aspects when she tends to get carried away and overdue certain aspects from the décor of the little one’s room.   It is common sense to …

Getting a Good Deal on Replacement Medicine Cabinets

9 April 2013

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, so keeping it tidy and in good working order is at the top of many people’s list of priorities when it comes to home improvement and maintenance. In addition to keeping their bathrooms in good working order most people also keep their bathrooms as presentable as possible as nearly everyone who passes through your home will use or at least see …

Some ideas of perfect design

8 April 2013

How to organize your home accessories in a proper manner? First of all, you need to decide what is really important in your house. You need to define the main theme in decorations. It is possible to match zinc accessories with wooden vases, but you need to be especially attentive, creating your perfect design. Take everything in the room. Leave only the heavy furniture. Start with a clean slate, it is now a …

From Multipurpose Living Room to Inspired Decorative Touch

7 April 2013

Every person from time to time feels the need for a change, and this change could start with your home. You might feel that there is something wrong with a certain room, or you would simply like something new. In case there are two focal points in a room, there are some steps that you could take to remodel the room and make it more functional. If you have seating of different colors, …

Inspiring Haute Design of Celebrity Bathrooms

5 April 2013

What does haute design truly refer to? Actually there is no definition of this design. A room decorated according to it might look really simple, with no patterns, but in the same time it might come with numerous shapes and elements. In spite of the many possibilities the haute design still looks fresh and doesn’t make the people in it feel overwhelmed. The secret lies in the way in which the elements are …

How to Make Your Bedroom Sparkle?

3 April 2013

The bedroom is the only room in your home where you feel relaxed and calm. The bedroom isn’t only a place for sleeping; it gives you most of the things you need to start a new day – relaxation, peace and comfort. In case you feel that your bedroom is too small and doesn’t have the spark you desire, here are few new ideas for decorating and organizing the space in your small …

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